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Utilize our expert knowledge and experience for any of your business’s IT or Cybersecurity needs.

Network Design

Are you moving to a new location or adding new personnel / staff? Zippie IT can help you determine the optimal design for your network. We can also come and test your connections, and even your Wi-Fi capabilities. That way you can ensure that employees can access the network from where they need to on your premises. We can also help provide suggestions on ways to improve the network and the security of the network.


Does your business need to be compliant with specific requirements?  Zippie IT can leverage our expert knowledge of the different compliance frameworks to help you review your current standing and provide options to help you adhere to the compliance requirements. Here are just some of the compliance frameworks we can help you with:

  • NIST
  • SOC 2
  • CMMC

vCIO Services

Zippie IT’s vCIO’s are your experienced resource for all of your IT needs and initiatives. As IT management continues to evolve, having someone knowledgeable on your team to navigate policies, procedures, and best practices is the best way to keep your business organized and running smoothly.

check Zippie IT's vCIO serves as a trusted advisor

check Aligning technology with organizational business goals and objectives

check Strategic Technology Recommendations and Roadmap; A logical foundation for prioritization, planning and decision making

check Regular executive touchpoints; ongoing insights, thought leadership, and discussions on industry trends, and emerging technologies

check Technical due diligence assistance with mergers and acquisitions, expansion, build-outs, cyber insurance compliance

check IT Governance, Digital Transformation, new technology/solution advisement

check Assist with budget forecasting and IT financial cost analysis

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